It Has Begun..

It is official, the judging application is on the Market and available for download. Named as “Android Developer Challenge 2″ the application provides the user with random submitted apps to test and rate. However, if the application it wants you to rate is just not for you, you can skip it and continue testing out the new and great applications that have been released.

The first round will last at least two weeks, but if you want to really see what has been submitted you should get in the action now because testing out all of those submissions will take ages. But it will be fun, I promise.

From what I can tell there is a wide variety of apps, from semi-functional to polished pearls, useful to entertaining, etc. One even had in its description a note about it not functioning properly. However most of them are finished products. I for instance quite liked a game that was a cross between checkers and reversi, “Pobs” was it called I think. Can’t confirm the name because the ADC2 judging application doesn’t have a history of past applications and sadly I already uninstalled it for the time being.

Considering what I’ve seen so far, my submission FUN2Learn will have a tough journey ahead of it. I would however like to see the numbers of entries. Especially the number of competitors I have in Education/Reference category.